Garamond and Helvetica Gain Some Insight

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Garamond and Helvetica Gain Some Insight


Typography lovers and hipsters alike will be excited to hear that Type, a Japanese glasses company, has invented two lines of typeface glasses that will literally give your face some character. The “Garamond” and the “Helvetica” lines come in 3 types of unisex frames: light, regular and bold. Type even gives the option of purchasing them in 3 colors: black, tortoise or clear with the option of making them sunglasses. The Helvetica fits well for those with a long or wider face and seems like just a modern pair of Clark Kent’s glasses, while the Garamond makes more of a statement with its intelligent appearance for people with a rounder face.

Unfortunately the glasses are only available for purchase in Japan, but you can order them online starting on Jan. 30 for 24,150 Japanese Yen (which translates to about $233.96 in the United States).