iPhone 6 May Be Unveiled in June In Two Sizes

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Just as you were getting comfortable with your last iPhone, the new iPhone could be tempting you sooner than you think. Rumors also suggest that new bigger display devices could be revealed this summer.

Chinese tech analyst Sun Changxu, speaking with QQ Tech, anticipates that Apple will reveal their new iPhone 6 in June around their Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco and that there will be two large display versions of the smartphone.

The initial iPhone 6 is expected to have a 4.7” display with 1136×640 pixels, while there may be an even larger phablet-like model with a higher resolution, 5.7” display to follow shortly afterwards. This rumor comes hot on the heels of previous speculation that the new phone would have a 5.5” display with 1920×1080 pixels.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was in China last week, launching the iPhone on state-owned network China Mobile. Bloomberg reports that he was asked about what Apple is currently working on, specifically larger displays. “We never talk about future things,” said Cook. “We have great things we are working on but we want to keep them secret. That way you will be so much happier when you see it.”

The rumors of the iPhone 6’s display and size are still just that—rumors. Cook and Apple are playing their cards close to their chest on this one and while the iPhone is expected to get bigger in size and design, just what new features will be included remains a mystery for now.

Apple has not unveiled a new smartphone at WWDC since 2010 when they announced the iPhone 4.

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