Louis C.K. to Make Previously Unreleased 1998 Film Available Online

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Back in 1998, when Louis C.K. wasn’t quite the comedic icon he’s become, he made a film called Tomorrow Night. It starred Amy Poehler, Steve Carrell, Conan O’Brien, Wanda Sykes and J.B. Smoove, and made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival. Unfortunately, it was never picked up for distribution, and has lain dormant in the intervening 16 years.

Knowing what we know about Louis C.K., the film sounds like it could be great. Next month, the general public will get to see for themselves whether this is a piece of forgotten treasure or something that was merely forgettable when C.K. makes Tomorrow Night available for purchase on his website, Louisck.net, for the reasonable sum of $5.

C.K. discussed the film on a recent Tonight Show appearance, where he admitted that many of his friends, including Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, and Dennis Leary lent him money—up to $10,000—to finish the film. “I owe all these people money now if the movie makes money!” he said.

Watch the trailer below, which is full of certain signatures we’ve come to expect from FX’s Louie, including the New Wave style. Also note a man dropping his trousers and sitting on a plate of ice cream:

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