Magic: The Gathering to Become a Gigantic Movie Franchise

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<em>Magic: The Gathering</em> to Become a Gigantic Movie Franchise

Big news from the folks at Hollywood Reporter this morning, who report that 20th Century Fox has secured the rights to the fantasy card game Magic: The Gathering from Hasbro, and hope to develop the game into a multi-film franchise on the magnitude of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

The adaptation will be produced by Simon Kinberg, who is currently involved with both the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises at the studio. He’ll work with Hasbro executives as Magic goes from card game to film.

Magic: The Gathering has been around since 1993, delighting legions of…fantasy-types (I feel like “nerds” is a little harsh)...with gameplay that involves sorcerers and wizards and role playing and etc. The game grew quickly enough to spawn worldwide tournaments, and the cards—especially the rare ones—became collectibles. Magic was originally created by Wizards of the Coast, a company that was purchased by Hasbro in 1999.