Major Beer And Spirits Brands Get Weird With New Crossovers

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Major Beer And Spirits Brands Get Weird With New Crossovers

What If Zima And Malibu Rum had a baby? What if Miller got drunk on bourbon? We no longer have to ponder these age-old philosophical questions thanks to new releases from two major spirits and beer brands.

Malibu Rum is releasing its new Malibu Rum Sparkler, a combination of Malibu Rum and coconut water infused with bubbles before being corked. It hits 11% ABV, and was created to capitalize on the “growing popularity of coconut water,” and marketed to hit the “party” demographic. As opposed to the “serious rum aficionado” demographic that Malibu Rum typically hits.

Meanwhile, MillerCoors is eyeballing that sweet bourbon-lover demographic with its new Miller Fortune, a 6.9% ABV “bourbon flavored lager.” Notice, I didn’t say “bourbon-barrel aged lager.” A number of craft breweries are now painstakingly aging their beers in bourbon barrels, but there’s no aging going on here with Miller Fortune, just some magical “flavoring.” MillerCoors is trying to make a dent in the spirits market, and is even suggesting bartenders serve the new bourbon flavored beer in a rocks glass.