Martin Scorsese Making a Doc on The New York Review of Books

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Martin Scorsese Making a Doc on <em>The New York Review of Books</em>

More like the Nerd of Wall Street, am I right everyone? Am I right?

No, but seriously, Martin Scorsese (Wolf of Wall Street, lots of other really great films) is collaborating with David Tedeschi (The Shield) on a documentary about The New York Review of Books, which is a famous publication in the city of New York that mostly reviews books. There’s no title yet, but a working cut will debut at the Berlin Film Festival in February. Scorsese will be interviewing literary celebs like Michael Chabon and Joan Didion, and using archival footage of interviews with Susan Sontag, James Baldwin, Norman Mailer, and more.

Jokes aside, this should be very good—The New York Review of Books is an estimable literary institution, and Scorsese is an underrated documentarian. And if this one doesn’t work out, he’s still got that Bill Clinton doc for HBO.