Michael Lewis' New Wall Street Book, Flash Boys, to be Published in March

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Michael Lewis' New Wall Street Book, <em>Flash Boys</em>, to be Published in March

If you’re like me, you love Michael Lewis’ nonfiction books. If you’re even more like me, you love his financial books, like Liar’s Poker, The Big Short and Moneyball (yes, it was a financial book) the most. And if you’re the most like me, you’ll be excited to hear that his next book, Flash Boys, has a Wall Street theme and will be released on March 31.

The book will be published by W.W. Norton & Company, and as of now, the language in their statement is fairly vague. “The book gives readers a ringside seat as the biggest new story in years prepares to hit Wall Street,” it reads, before going on to quote Lewis’ editor and NYTimes critic Michiko Kakutani.

My two initial thoughts, vagueness aside, are that this book will be awesome, and that Flash Boys is a title that could easily be misinterpreted as something…different. And by different, I mean it sounds like a group of old men who flash people. The book, presumably, is not about that.

Moving on, Lewis is the best-selling author of the books mentioned above, as well as The Blind Side and The New New Thing. Several of his books have been made into films. He also writes for Vanity Fair.