MoonPie Flavored Moonshine Coming Soon

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MoonPie Flavored Moonshine Coming Soon

The iconic MoonPie—a layer of marshmallow sandwiched between two chocolate covered graham crackers—is getting boozy. Kentucky-based Limestone Branch Distillery is partnering with Chattanooga Bakery (the company that makes the MoonPie) and will release MoonPie Moonshine next month, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press. The shine will be packaged in the traditional mason jar usually associated with the liquor, and plastered with the with the easily recognizable MoonPie label. At first, the distillery will produce the three most popular MoonPie flavors (chocolate, vanilla and banana) but will branch out into other MoonPie flavors like strawberry and lemon.

The only way this beverage could get more Southern, is if it came with a piece of fried chicken.