Netflix to Stream on Ultra-HD Sets

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Netflix  is the first online streaming company to announce compatibility with Ultra-HD television sets from makers like LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio.

When the sets go on sale in the upcoming months, Netflix will be ready with Ultra HD programming, made possible with a chip inside the new sets. The chip is required to decode electronic signals that Netflix, Inc. will compress by more than 100 times and send through the Internet at a speed of 15.6 megabits per second, the company announced at the International CES gadget show earlier this week.

Netflix showed off its feat at the International CES show, presenting the format with four times as many pixels as HD, which immensely improves the clarity on larger screens. Netflix videos that are available in the sharper format are labeled with the “Ultra HD 4K” symbol.

The ultra-high definition programming will available for select movies and shows, including the second season of its original series House of Cards. Ultra-HD streaming will be part of the standard Netflix streaming price of $8 a month, the company said.

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