Updated Apple TV May Be Coming In Early 2014 With New iOS Integration

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Updated Apple TV May Be Coming In Early 2014 With New iOS Integration

You may not be waiting much longer for a new Apple set-top box. Apple is currently working on its newest version of Apple TV, according to reports from 9to5mac, which will be revealed in the first half of 2014.

The reports go on to claim the new device will once again be a set-top box instead of a full model television, despite previous rumors—and that the new version is being tested right now.

The new product is speculated to have a “revamped” operating system based on iOS, which may allow Apple to create an App Store for users especially for Apple TV. This follows the expansion of Apple’s TV content of late, which now includes ABC, PBS, HBO Go and Watch ESPN. Rumors are also circulating that the new set-top box could feature a “game store”, which just might include some nice integration with iOS games and proposed controllers.


These reports follow previous speculation that the TV upgrade will include motion control, much like the Kinect, but the latest reports haven’t confirmed if Apple intends on including the feature.

A new version of Apple TV has been speculated for some time with some reports suggesting that the company will release a full model TV to replace the set-top box. Instead, it sounds like Apple will continue to iterate on what it’s got going already.