Nintendo Focuses on Wii U Market, but "Not Ruling Out" Smartphones

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Nintendo Focuses on Wii U Market, but "Not Ruling Out" Smartphones

Nintendo’s financial trouble since the launch of the Wii U has led many fans to speculate that the company may begin to develop games for smartphones, rather than just the Wii U or its current-generation handheld systems (the 3DS and 2DS). However, at today’s shareholder briefing, Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata emphasized that the company will continue to focus on their current hardware, particularly the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U’s Gamepad accessory.

Smartphone development is not completely off the table for Nintendo, but it will not be central to their development plans. In the briefing, Iwata explained that a “small, select team of developers” had been assigned to explore the mobile space. Iwata elaborated further that he has “not given any restrictions to the development team, even not ruling out the possibility of making games or using our game characters. However, if you report that we will release Mario on smart devices, it would be a completely misleading statement. It is our intention to release some application on smart devices this year that is capable of attracting consumer attention and communicating the value of our entertainment offerings, so I would encourage you to see how our approach yields results.”