Osbournes Announce MAC Makeup Line

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Osbournes Announce MAC Makeup Line

Kelly and Sharon Osbourne announced via Instagram last weekend that their limited-edition MAC Cosmetics collaboration will be released this summer. MAC Cosmetics confirmed the news by re-gramming Kelly’s picture of a lavender tube of lipstick — the signature hair color of the Fashion Police co-host. Sharon also posted her own photo holding a pink-framed eye shadow palette in one hand and some dog-teddy bear hybrid in the other. Both items donned the signatures of the Osbourne ladies.

The Osbournes worked with MAC’s senior makeup artist John Stapleton for the “secret project.” While so far we’ve only caught a glimpse of the packaging, givien the Osbourne women’s penchant for bold color statements, don’t be surprised to see lots of glitter and high-saturated pigments. We won’t know exactly what’s in store until June 2014, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a lipstick named “Bat’s Blood.”

Via Glamour