Paste Hero Benedict Cumberbatch to Star in New Thriller Blood Mountain

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<em>Paste</em> Hero Benedict Cumberbatch to Star in New Thriller <em>Blood Mountain</em>

Ignoring Paste’s sage advice on future career moves, Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, 12 Years a Slave) has opted to star in the upcoming thriller Blood Mountain. The film, which will be directed by Sergei Bodrov and co-produced by frequent Tarantino producer Lawrence Bender, follows the exploits of a private military contractor who must escort a famous terrorist through enemy territory to bring him to justice. Sadly, Cumberbatch will only be playing the contractor, when it’s clear he should play both roles. And the mountain.

(Note from staff chatter: Paste editor Tyler Kane hopes this movie is “based upon the Mastodon album about cysquatches and blood mountains of the same name.” He adds: “A cysquatch is like a sasquatch with one eye.” I don’t know what to say.)

Shooting will begin in April in Morocco, and Altitude Film Sales will be looking for potential European buyers over the next month.