Plot Details of Scrapped Tarantino Film The Hateful Eight Emerge

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Plot Details of Scrapped Tarantino Film <i>The Hateful Eight</i> Emerge

Just 10 days after announcing the title of what was supposed to be his forthcoming western and two days after scrapping the project following a traitorous leak, Quentin Tarantino’s script for The Hateful Eight has come to light. The Wrap has obtained a copy of the script, and based on the plot details that have emerged, it’s clear that we missed out on this one. Way to go, guys. You wrecked it for everyone.

Contrary to the popular expectation of a sprawling Western with panoramic shots of rugged, mountainous vistas, Tarantino apparently wanted to shoot an intimate piece that would take place between only two settings—a haberdashery and a stagecoach—easily making the film his most internal since 1992’s Reservoir Dogs. The action would have centered around a group of eight men including “two bounty hunters…a Southerner named Chris Mannix…[the bounty hunters’] living prisoner…a Southern general…an alleged hangman, a Frenchman named Bob and a cowboy named Joe Gage” as they all take shelter in the haberdashery from an oncoming blizzard. Tarantino also notably sought to utilize high-definition 70-millimeter film rather than shoot the Western digitally.

It’s unclear how successfully such a seemingly dialogue-dependent script will translate to a book as the writer-director has asserted he intends to publish it, but regardless, this had all the makings of another Tarantino classic. It’s a shame we might never see the story unfold on the big screen.