Prince Drops Lawsuit Against Bootleggers, Teases New Song “PRETZELBODYLOGIC”

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According to TMZ, Prince has reportedly dropped the $22 million lawsuit that the entertainer filed just two weeks ago against 22 anonymous bloggers for distributing bootlegged concert material over the Internet. Prince had originally asked for $1 million from each blogger, plus any profits made from the audio, interest and legal fees. The concert recordings in question range from a 2011 show all the way back to the ‘80s.

Of course, this “feud” between Prince and the Internet is nothing new, as Prince has notably pulled his music offline and shut down fan tribute sites altogether in the past. But luckily, the Purple One has left us teased via Youtube with a clip of his new song, “PRETZELBODYLOGIC.” The track will appear on the forthcoming 3rdEyeGirl album Plectrum Electrum, due out in early 2014.

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