Remember Me Game Studio isn't Bankrupt, but is in "Judicial Reorganisation"

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Lackluster enthusiasm for videogame studio Dontnod’s debut title Remember Me (including here at Paste) has led the company to make some changes. Rumors that Dontnod is on the brink of declaring bankruptcy were denied today by CEO Oskar Guilbert, who explained to that the company is “in something called in France ‘judicial reorganisation’ which allows us to re-adapt our production pipeline to the new situation.”

It’s not clear from Guilbert’s statement whether these changes will include job cuts or pay reductions for Dontnod employees, but the CEO did elaborate that “we are in very close negotiations for our next project with one of the top publishers.” Dontnod faced difficulty convincing publishers that Remember Me could be successful even though its mixed-race heroine was seen as a financial risk. Hopefully, future publishers will understand that the failure of Remember Me was not due to its unique protagonist.

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