Sean Saves the World Review: “The Wrath of Sean” (Episode 1.12)

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<i>Sean Saves the World</i> Review: &#8220;The Wrath of Sean&#8221; (Episode 1.12)

Part of me thinks there’s a much darker prequel somewhere to Sean Saves the World. Right now, the show is a carefree world where every line ends on a laugh and every episode ends on a light moment. But prior to this idyllic existence, Sean was living a lie in a loveless marriage with a daughter lost amongst a crumbling union. But instead of getting a modern day Far From Heaven, Sean Saves the World is a modern day Thursday night NBC reject. At least “The Wrath of Sean” hints of a past that we’re sure to get more of in the future.

As “The Wrath of Sean” explains, it wasn’t just Sean being gay that broke apart his marriage, but his wife cheating on him with a man named Roger, who just so happens to be a new vendor for the site Sean works for. This sets up that the show clearly wants us to cheer for Sean in this whole destruction of the marriage that will surely come up when his wife does appear on the show.

Max wants Sean to play nice with Roger to make the new deal go through; however Sean still holds a grudge against Roger. “The Wrath of Sean” also works because for the first time, it’s the entire cast believing that Sean is just the worst. Roger has worked his magic on everyone, even jamming with Hunter’s band and making out with Liz, while Sean proclaims the evils of Roger. It’s a nice turnaround, especially since I proclaim that Sean is the worst, every week.

In the end, it turns out that Sean was right and that Roger is a scumbag. He cheated on his fiancee with Liz and is attempting to sell pottery that is not as quality as he claims it to be. Sean, Liz, Hunter and Max—or the only four employees at the online company that matter—try to stop a merger that Roger is working on by pointing out just how horrible a person he is. Thankfully, the show sends all four instead of just Sean, who would just look like an insane person with a vendetta, plus when all four are together, the show’s jokes actually sort of work.

The B-plot is expectedly weak as Lorna is going on a cleanse for her college reunion so she can outshine the lead singer in her college a capella group. Mid song, the lead singer falls down due to also being on a cleanse, and Lorna takes over. It’s nothing special, but Sean Saves the World is at least finding more interesting ways to integrate Lorna other than being the obnoxious mom.

At the very least, Sean Saves the World is creating a history for itself that should prove interesting in upcoming episodes. Portia de Rossi has already been cast as Sean’s wife (amazing casting choice) for a three-episode arc, so the show is planting some seeds for the future. Sean Saves the World is growing slightly better recently; let’s see if this trend can continue.

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