Sierra Nevada Announces 4-Packs of 16-Ounce Pale Ale Cans

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Sierra Nevada Announces 4-Packs of 16-Ounce Pale Ale Cans

Sierra Nevada  Brewing Company announced yesterday in a press release that its Pale Ale will be available in four-packs of pint-sized cans in the near future.

The conveniently packaged brews will join the 12-ounce 12-pack of Pale Ales with the Torpedo Extra IPA 16-ounce (four-pack) cans.

“We’re fortunate to have a flagship that continues to delight new and seasoned craft beer palates, and the 16-ounce can lends Pale Ale even more accessibility,” said Ken Grossman, one of Sierra Nevada’s co-founders. “Drop a 4-pack into a backyard cooler, hike it up the trail—wherever you take it, you have a few pints to share with friends.”

Grossman sought out Ball Corporation to help engineer a can that would fit well with the brand and still maintain the taste of the Pale Ale that beer lovers have enjoyed since 1980. “There’s something special about popping the crown off a glass bottle, but the versatility cans provide is exciting for our entire industry,” Grossman said. “We’re proud to be among the craft breweries elevating a format that moves quality and sustainability forward.”

Sierra Nevada will start distributing the four-packs to all 50 states next week. You can locate the Pale Ale as well as their other brews on Sierra Nevada’s Beer Locator here.

Sierra Nevada  also created a fun video of their Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale fermenting over a period of six days. You can watch the video below.