Stream Beck's New Single "Blue Moon"

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Stream Beck's New Single "Blue Moon"

Beck will finally return to music to release his new studio album, Morning Phase, on Feb 25. Beck’s last album, Modern Guilt, was released in 2008.

Some of the roots of the new album actually came from a short recording session back in 2005. Two years ago, he cut a few songs for Jack White’s Third Man label but only kept three of the songs he had recorded. Beck took a long break from music because he was recuperating from a spine damaging back injury and because he was no longer involved with a label. Beck mentioned in an interview, “Making that record [Modern Guilt], was like doing it with both hands tied behind your back. It hurt to sing. I’m whispering through half of those vocals. Some of the songs on the new record, I get to shout and yell I’m like, “Thank you!” I had a lot of ideas and things I’d been wanting to do. This last year and a half, I feel like I can really do them.”

To hear a glimpse of Morning Phase, you can stream Beck’s new single “Blue Moon” below.

Morning Phase Tracklist:
1. Morning
2. Heart is a Drum
3. Say Goodbye
4. Waking Light
5. Unforgiven
6. Wave
7. Don’t Let it Go
8. Blackbird Chain
9. Evil Things
10. Blue Moon
11. Turn Away
12. Country Down