The Dude’s Nightmares are Real: Los Angeles Forum Constructs Largest Vinyl Record and It’s for the F*ckin’ Eagles, Man

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If you’ve had a rough night and you hate the fuckin’ Eagles, man, you might want to have a seat for this one. The Forum in Los Angeles—which they call the City of Angels, some don’t see it as that exactly but do think there are some nice folks there—has constructed the world’s largest rotating vinyl record faster than you can say Dios mio, man.

The record was put together by the promotion company Pop2Life to celebrate the Eagles’ six-night stand at the venue between Jan. 15 and 25. It spins at 17 m.p.h., features a 120-foot truss and took 75 workers away from their loved ones on Christmas day to construct it. And although the record is visible for up to a mile in the sky, practicing Dudeists will be relieved to learn that it doesn’t play any actual music—so L.A. residents can feel safe in cabs, at the bowling alley, even having an intimate conversation about ‘Nam over coffee.

Next time we might suggest a Creedence record—but that’s just like, our opinion, man. Check out a video on the construction of the record below.

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