The Five Best Things That Happened on the Jonah Hill SNL

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The Five Best Things That Happened on the Jonah Hill <i>SNL</i>

For its second episode of 2014, SNL brought Wolf of Wall Street star and Academy Award nominee Jonah Hill back to host for a third time. It’s not surprising that the guy everyone thought would be remembered for filling Tide bottles with alcohol in Superbad has excelled on SNL—he’s proven that he’s one of the most versatile performers in the game, able to star alongside Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio in Oscar-caliber dramas just as easily as he can ham it up with old buddies like Seth Rogen in the year’s preeminent stoner comedy.

Here is some of the best of what went down when he took the helm at 30 Rock on Saturday night:

5. Don’t Mistake A Waldorf Salad for a Cobb in Front of Your Boss

As we saw in the monologue (more on that later), Hill is kind of a nervous guy, and dating all the way back to Superbad, he’s always been great at playing nervous, bumbling idiots. And one other word of advice in addition to knowing your salads at your bosses house: Know how thin the bathroom walls are.

4. Hill as Martin Porn-Cese

This sketch, which also featured Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer as slow-witted porn stars, was equally slow and annoying, but a bleach blonde Hill as porn director Martin Porn-Cese was priceless as he rolled in and out of the frame on a Rascal before reeling off the films he has directed, like “Raging Boner,” “The Departed (Hymen)” and, of course, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Watch the full sketch here.


3. Who Says Gangsters Can’t Appreciate the Beauty of Gentle Snowfall?

A frigid winter night, a hit to be made, ominous music playing…for Keenan Thompson it was no match for the wonder and majesty of delicate snowfall, feather-light flakes dancing down through the tree boughs above. “It looks like old man winter really outdid himself tonight,” said Thompson, eyes like saucers and mouth agape. It’s fine to admire the snow, even to stick your head out the window and catch a few flakes in your mouth, just don’t run out into the middle of the street to pet a white rabbit when you’re supposed to be readying yourself for cold-blooded murder.

2. Heterosexual Figure Skating

What happens when you take the flair and pageantry out of figure skating? You get cargo pants, you get Combos (the snack, not a series of axels) and, if we’re talking pairs skating, you get up-skirt camera phone shots. We know about Putin’s anti-gay sentiments; let’s just hope things don’t come to a head and the U.S. isn’t forced to send its back-up squad of heterosexual figure skaters to Sochi. Not sure an old football jersey and air guitar is going to rack up many creativity points.

1. Hill and Leo Channeling Rose and Jack in the Monologue

Hill was great as always, but I don’t think anybody’s going to be writing home about any particular sketch from Saturday night. Thus, the Wolf of Wall Street star appearing out of nowhere to calm Hill’s nerves during the monologue was easily the episode’s most memorable moment. DiCaprio isn’t exactly known for his public persona, and wild shrieking rang through 30 Rock before he even appeared in the frame. Hill had been talking a big game, and when DiCaprio confronted him about it, Hill confessed it was only in an effort to overcome his jitters (though it was a joke, Hill was in fact nervously swaying from side to side as his spoke to the audience). Hill pleaded with DiCaprio to do that thing he did when Hill was nervous on the set of Wolf of Wall Street, and the pair proceeded to recreate the famous “I’m flying!” scene from Titantic.