Listen to a New Song from The Hold Steady's Teeth Dreams

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Listen to a New Song from The Hold Steady's <i>Teeth Dreams</i>

The Hold Steady  is set to release its latest album, Teeth Dreams, in March.

“[The recording process] may have dragged out a bit this time,” Craig Finn said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “But I think it’s for the best.”

Finn said this record will be the band’s “biggest-sounding, most rock-oriented album” yet. “We were looking to make a big rock record,” he said. “Maybe it’s less wild but in same ways that makes it a bigger record.”

There’s more: Teeth Dreams isn’t the band’s only 2014 release. The band has also been working to reveal a covers album, RAGS, where each band member brought in one song to record. The album was funded by donations from the Hold Steady’s fan club, the Unified Scene, and will be released directly to them.

Teeth Dreams is out on March 25 via Washington Square Records. Stream the first single “I Hope This Whole Thing Didn’t Frighten You” here: