Tomb Of Ancient Egyptian Brewer Uncovered

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Tomb Of Ancient Egyptian Brewer Uncovered

Japanese archeologists have discovered the tomb of an ancient beer brewer in Luxor, Egypt, that’s more than 3,000 years old. According to Egypt’s minister of antiquities via the Associated Press, the tomb belonged to the chief “maker of beer for gods of the dead.”

Sounds like an awesome job. The discovery helps solidify the notion that beer was a central aspect in ancient Egyptian culture, serving as a staple drink for workers and royalty alike. Beer was even used as payment for labor, which pretty well explains how the pyramids were built.

Dogfish Head  has even produced experimental brews using ancient Egyptian ingredients based on Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Interesting side note, the dude buried in the tomb was a brewer to the gods, and also the head of a warehouse. Maybe he was experimenting with barrel aging.