Watch: Comic Book Legend Stan Lee gets the Simpsons Animation Treatment

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Watch: Comic Book Legend Stan Lee gets the <i>Simpsons</i> Animation Treatment

This Sunday, comic book writer Stan Lee and author Harlan Ellison will play themselves on a new episode (“Married to the Blob”) of The Simpsons. Not surprisingly, the plot revolves around Comic Book Guy, who falls in love with a Japanese manga author, but must prove himself worthy to her father before he can ask her for her hand in marriage.

In the episode, the animated versions of Lee and Ellison will make visits to the comic book store; Lee as inspiration, Ellison as someone who, if nothing else, gets physical with Milhouse. The Hollywood Reporter posted a teaser earlier, where featuring interviews with Lee and Ellison and a sneak preview of their characters:


Lee has appeared on the show once before, in 2002’s “I Am Furious Yellow.”

“I was here 12 years ago,” he said, “and I think I impressed them so that after 12 years, they figured they had to have me back.”