Louis C.K. Finishes American Hustle Ice Fishing Story on Leno

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Louis C.K. Finishes <i>American Hustle</i> Ice Fishing Story on Leno

Hustlers everywhere can sleep a little easier now, as Louis C.K. FINALLY finished telling his American Hustle character Stoddard Thorsen’s “ice fishing story” to Jay Leno during his Tonight Show appearance Monday night.

“I had very little to do in the movie originally,” C.K. described, “In the script I just said like a few lines. But then I got to the set and [Director David O. Russell] said, ‘I want you to tell a story about ice fishing. Throughout the whole movie. And I was like ‘what?’”

“So we made up this ice fishing story as we went along, as we shot the movie. I’d tell a little bit more, and then the next scene we’d shoot he’d be like, ‘So what happens next do you think in the ice fishing story?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know this is your idea!’”

What resulted was Thorsen’s recount of a childhood ice fishing expedition and conflict between his brother and father, a story that went unresolved by the film’s end as Bradley Cooper’s over-eager FBI Agent Richie DiMaso consistently interrupted his boss to guess the fable’s moral.

Watch as C.K. dumps the ending on what created a fissure between Thorsen’s father and brother that day.