Watch the New Walking Dead Trailer, "Don't Look Back"

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Watch the New Walking Dead Trailer, "Don't Look Back"

The Walking Dead  is doing that new AMC/Breaking Bad thing where they split a season into halves of eight episodes each, and at the moment we’re in the two-month halftime interval. But season four returns on Feb. 9, and AMC has just released a quick teaser for the final eight episodes, titled “Don’t Look Back.” If you needed another reason to watch, it features what sounds like Tom Waits doing a growly version of CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising.” Watch here:


It’s a brief glimpse, but not a dull one. We know the prison has been overrun, and the group scattered, and frankly, the fallout looks pretty exciting. We’ve got Beth in hysterics, Daryl staring moodily, Michonne panting, Glen looking dead-ish and lots of zombies getting maimed. There’s even a shot of Rick at his most ragged, staring into a mirror like Richie Tenenbaum in his Needle in the Hay scene. Season four, part two, will be nothing if not eventful.