Woodchuck, Rogue Prepping Chocolate Brews in Time for Valentine's

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Woodchuck, Rogue Prepping Chocolate Brews in Time for Valentine's

Woodchuck Hard Cider and Rogue Farms are distributing chocolate brews for stout and cider lovers this Valentine’s Day.

The chocolate cider created by Woodchuck is the third creation to be released from the brewery’s “Cellar Series.” The chocolate cider encompasses the tastes of Vermont McIntosh and Northern Spy apples with aged and crushed cocoa beans and caramel. Because Woodchuck decided to use cocoa beans, the cider will have a dry flavor instead of the sweet taste you would find in a chocolate bar. The chocolate cider has a 6.9 percent ABV and is pasteurized. The cider will be packaged in 22 oz bottles and is shipping nationwide through February.

Rogue Farms announced that it will be re-release its Chocolate Stout and Double Chocolate Stouts again in limited-release Valentine’s bottles through February. The Chocolate Stout was created when Rogue’s brewmaster, John Maier, combined his Oatmeal Stout with chocolate. The Chocolate Stout has an ABV of 6 percent and is packaged in brown bottles with a Valentine label in 22 oz bottles. The Double Chocolate Stout is an enriched recipe of the Chocolate Stout. It adds Rogue Farms Dare & Risk Malts along with a hint of honey in with all the other ingredients found in the Chocolate Stout recipe. The Double Chocolate Stout has an ABV of 9 percent and is found in special red 750ml bottles. Rogue Farms also recommends certain recipes you can use with their Chocolate Stouts here.