Tony Matelli Defends Placement of Sleepwalker Statue on Wellesley's Campus

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Tony Matelli Defends Placement of Sleepwalker Statue on Wellesley's Campus

Picture at right from the @WCSleepwalker Twitter

A hyper-realistic statue of a man sleepwalking in his underwear has caused an uproar on the campus of Wellesley, the liberal arts women’s college. The Sleepwalker was installed in a high-traffic area near the center of campus to promote the Thursday night opening of artist Tony Matelli’s exhibit New Gravity at the campus’s Davis Museum.

Images of the painted bronze statue seemingly caught midstride in snowdrifts have circulated around the Internet. Its installment prompted a petition to move the statue inside the museum.

In a Q&A Thursday with The Boston Globe, Matelli said that he knows of no plans to move the statue. “It was placed there because you can see it from the upstairs exhibition room, and it becomes part of the show in a different way,” says Matelli. “When you see him through the window while you’re warm inside looking at the other 20 sculptures, that one feels more misplaced, and more vulnerable.”

Anonymous Wellesley students created a Twitter account for the statue at @WCSleepwalker, filled with images of the sculpture. Students took it upon themselves to pose with the sculpture in various ways, also Photoshopping funny hats and googly-eyes over the photographs.

A statue of a lone painted bronze Seeing Eye dog was also installed on another part of campus as part of the exhibit.

via: The Boston Globe