Batman #28 Reveals New Sidekick for the Caped Crusader

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Batman #28 Reveals New Sidekick for the Caped Crusader

Scott Snyder  promised that Batman #28 would be full of spoilers. The issue, which went on sale yesterday, breaks the Zero Year timeline Snyder and artist Greg Capullo have been building since last June to give readers a glimpse of the what the future holds for the Dark Knight.

Boy, he wasn’t kidding.

The book works as a preview to the forthcoming weekly series, Batman Eternal, which is set to premiere in April and run for a year. Snyder will lead a host of writers that include James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins and Tim Seeley. Instead of each author penning individual issues on a rotating basis, the series will pass along at a slower pace, with each writer handling a different story arc.

One of the most notable reveals in issue 28 is Batman’s new sidekick. Harper Row, who first appeared in Batman No. 7, was long thought by fans to be more than just a beneficiary of Gotham’s protector. Her fate was uncertain, but nearly every comic fan knew she was destined to become something larger in the series. Some believed she would be the next Robin, or maybe a female Nightwing. The answer? She’s neither, but kind of both. Row’s crime-fighting identity is Bluebird, and the character’s design features elements of Robin, Nightwing and a little Red Hood for good measure.

Issue 28 is only meant to tease, and thus doesn’t explain exactly how Row came to be by Batman’s side. In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Snyder said that readers will learn how Bluebird came to be in the pages of the new weekly series.

“The big issue of why she is called Bluebird and why she picked that persona have a lot to do with her background and the mystery surrounding her mother and some of the material that’s going to come out in “Eternal,” he said.

It’s a big year for Batman, in 2014 the character turns 75, and Snyder hinted that big things are coming.

“There will be at least two really giant stories with little ones in between,” he said “We plan on doing at least two giant Bat-stories that celebrate Batman’s cast of characters, old and new.”

Alright, now everyone take a deep breath. This is gonna be fun.