Boeing's Secret Agent Smartphone Self-Destructs When Tampered With

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Boeing's Secret Agent Smartphone Self-Destructs When Tampered With

Boeing has released specs for the Boeing Black smartphone, a secure tamper-proof phone aimed at government officials and contractors that will “self-destruct” if accessed by an unauthorized user.

The phone’s tamper proof cover prevents anyone from taking apart the phone. Once the back cover is cracked open, all information such as calls and data is wiped from the system and leaves the phone unusable.

The new Boeing smartphone was filed with the FCC this week. It has not been given a commercial price yet but will run on a version of Android and comes with 4.3” 540 × 960 display, which is just a little bigger than the iPhone.

While the phone is targeted at those working in government roles, the device includes a dual-SIM capability that will allow the user to switch between government and commercial networks.

Boeing has not named any carriers for the phone or indicated a release date; however the company has started offering the phone to some interested parties.

The phone’s spec sheet also details the use of connections with biometric sensors and satellites. “The expansion port can be used for integrating additional sensors or technology enhancements like satellite connectivity or expanding power capacity, plus other customizations,” said the spec sheet.

Boeing has previously worked with the US government on communications for Air Force One and the Black smartphone is an expansion on the aerospace manufacturer’s security and communication operations.

The Black smartphone was originally speculated on in late 2012 and has been in development since then.