Comics Vitae: Matt Fraction Part II, Iron Man through Sex Criminals

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Inhumanity / Inhuman
Illustrated by Olivier Coipel , Nick Bradshaw, Others
Published by Marvel in 2013 and 2014
A few weeks after this interview was recorded, Marvel announced that Fraction would not be writing Inhuman, but would continue to write its prelude, Inhumanity.

Fraction: It spins out of the events of Infinity. There’s a big plot point that happens to the Inhumans. It’s a radical status quo shake-up for the Inhumans as a species, and it ends up affecting more than just them. It affects the Marvel Universe at large, or at least Earth. The Inhumans lose the safety and security of their hidden, secret superhero kingdom in the clouds, and everyone will have to deal with who and what they are in a very real way that hasn’t ever happened before. It’s a big story, a sprawling story; but it’s still very much a Marvel story, about regular people, real people with real problems in a very unreal situation.

Infinity is a crossover, and Inhumanity is like Dark Reign after Secret Invasion — it’s more like a mood. There are a lot of different people taking part in it, but it isn’t quite like a crossover. There’s a lot of eyes on it, a lot of pressure, a lot of people asking questions, and having come in to Civil War when all the red meat was spoken for, I try to take a different approach where I try to leave as much meat on the bone for other people. There are a lot of questions I don’t answer because I want to see what Warren Ellis and Kelly Sue (DeConnick) do with Inhumanity. I want to see what Mark Waid does with Inhumanity. I can’t get more specific without blowing the story, but you’ll get to see a lot of people. We all get to define the story together, which is a cool way to collaborate with people.

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