Everything is Everything is Nothing Short of Brilliant

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<i>Everything is Everything</i> is Nothing Short of Brilliant

Give a designer from Sagmeister and Walsh a song by Gabriel Garzón-Montano, a street performer, an iPad, and a scanner, and they will give you what is easily the most interesting music video that has been produced in a while.

Santiago Carrasquilla, a designer at Sagmeister, and his friend Joe Hollier created this mind blowing, and possibly mind altering, video using a simple process. First, they took a lot of live footage of a New York street performer dancing and singing in a field. Then, they uploaded the footage to an iPad. It seems simple enough, but the final step is where things get interesting: Carrasquilla and Hollier scanned the iPad screen many times while the video was playing, and pieced together the thousands of scanned images to create a trippy, creepy masterpiece.

Watch the video below and be prepared to not know what to think or how to feel.