'Flag' Wants to Print Your Digital Photos For Free

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'Flag' Wants to Print Your Digital Photos For Free

With the rise of smartphones and the rapid expansion of new technology, taking pictures digitally has become an easy and free task. You are able to take hundreds of photos, edit them and save them all with technology that fits in your pocket. The not-so-easy part however, is getting those pictures printed.

A new app called Flag, created by developer Samuel Agboola, wants to help you solve your printing problem. Flag is set to give you 20 free prints a month, sending them via snail mail to you, your friends or whomever you choose with no shipping costs. The funding will come from advertisers who will get ads printed on the backs of your photos. Sounds like a pretty good deal right?

Flag has set up a Kickstarter to get initial funding, showing that there is enough interest in the product for potential users. There are many different features that will go into this printing service as well. You can create postcards, add text and create different shaped prints (panoramic, rectangle, rounded). Flag is also intending to use higher “museum quality printers” that other services do not offer. Agboola tells Techcrunch, “We believe the edge and the plus is by delivering quality that people aren’t used to, and standards they’re not used to.”

Flag has already raised over half of their $100,000 goal, with six days left to pledge. Start getting picture ready and hopefully we will see Flag on our phones in the near future.