Flink is the Coolest Digital Photo Frame You'll Ever See

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Flink is the Coolest Digital Photo Frame You'll Ever See

Digital photo frames are a great way of displaying your photos, whether it’s of attractive scenery, holiday snaps, or images of your loved ones. Managing the photo frame is sometimes a bit of hassle though. What if there was a way in which your friends and family could directly put their photos onto your photo frame, and conveniently so?

That’s the promise behind Flink, a Cloud using digital photo frame. It’s an 8 inch screen that enables you and your loved ones to instantly share photos all through Wi-Fi and a free app.

Simple to set up and offering automatic updating, Flink just requires users to sign up to the service before sharing the photo stream. It’ll even allow you to send holiday cards based upon the photos uploaded. The frame only has one button attached to it so it requires little set up or technological knowhow, plus it’s a fairly stylish solution thanks to its high quality aluminum alloy. It’s the ideal solution for young and old and should be particularly ideal for those who want to stay in close touch with relatives living elsewhere.

Flink is currently available as part of a Kickstarter campaign. There are only a few early bird specials available but currently you can pick up a Flink Cloud Frame for $99, with prices increasing to $114 and $125 excluding shipping costs. There’s also the option for a stylish wooden frame cover instead of the aluminium alloy, with that option priced at $250. Flink has until March 24 to run so get in soon if this piques your interest.