Genius And/Or Lunacy: Soderbergh Edits Hitchcock and Van Sant's Psychos into One Film

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Director Steven Soderbergh, inspired by an energy that can only be called brilliant or insane, has used his editing skills to mesh Alfred Hitchcok’s Psycho with Gus Van Sant’s 1998 shot-for-shot remake, creating a new hybrid film using scenes from both. The project, which we can’t embed, is available in its entirety on Soderbergh’s site, Extension 765. The only explanation he offers is as follows: “This post comes from a place of total affection, openness, and honey bought directly from a beekeeper.”

Fair enough. Soderbergh converted Van Sant’s scenes to black-and-white, except for the shower scene, which retains flashes of color. Watch a clip from that scene below:

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