Google Rumored To Launch Nexus 8 Tablet in April

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Google Rumored To Launch Nexus 8 Tablet in April

Google is rumored to be releasing a new 8” Nexus tablet in late April in response to the growing market of smaller tablet devices, according to reports.

Taiwanese tech news site DigiTimes, which quotes Taiwan-based supply chain makers, state that the new tablet entitled Nexus 8 will be an extra inch wider on the display to visually set it apart from its predecessor, the Nexus 7.

Reportedly, the company is continuing to work with co-developer Asus for the tablet, who partnered with Google for the Nexus 7 models. There will reportedly be two million initial shipments of the new tablet.

Google’s previous Nexus models have come in 10” and 7” size models, having released a new update of the latter just last year and since the launch of the original Nexus in 2010, the market for Android tablets has become fiercely competitive. DigiTimes goes on to say that Google has opted for an 8” display to avoid a price war over 7” devices as well competition from even smaller compact tablets such as 5” and 6” displays.

These reports line up closely with a picture that posted on back in November of last year. The image clearly showed a previously unannounced larger Nexus tablet, along with a tagline that stated “A library that goes with you”.

Meanwhile, the iPad Mini is similar in size to this new reported Nexus device, at just less than an inch smaller. This new size may indicate that Google is shifting some attention to directly competing with Apple in this particular market. The Nexus range of tablets has been dogged with complaints from some users too, such as slow charging, which may also explain why Google is keen to get a new, refurbished model on the market quickly. There are no specifics yet on the new device’s features, but if this device is truly coming as early as April, we should be hearing details soon.