High-End Ads Reinvent Fashionable GIFs

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High-End Ads Reinvent Fashionable GIFs

British luxury cell phone brand Vertu has teamed up with the forces of fashion photographer Kristian Schuller, CHI & Partners and Taylor James to create a beautiful and glamorous ad campaign. The ads are high end with dresses compiled of twinkling butterflies, ballerina outfits, animal heads and possess a new take on the GIF.

The Vertu compilation is high fashion and are visually memorable with CGI built butterflies, expanding upon the GIF. A GIF is more simplistic, taking one element of a sequence and continuously repeating, usually for comedic impact. What Vertu did here is more complex and incorporates a variety of elements that are subtle, but play like a video. When looking at the ads, they seem to seamlessly flow and demand attention for a luxurious-minded crowd.

The vision was carried out using 3D modeling and visual effects to show how CGI and photography can co-exist. “The campaign is a striking example of how CGI and traditional photography can work hand-in-hand to deliver highly creative multi-platform campaigns,” said Taylor James, the technical director for the project. Different elements were added to give it an imaginative feel such as smoke and movement. Check out one of the ads above and see the rest here.