Jeff Tweedy to Guest Star on Parks and Rec

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Jeff Tweedy to Guest Star on <i>Parks and Rec</i>

Season six of Parks and Recreation has been no stranger to high profile guest stars. In the 13 episodes that have aired thus far, Kristen Bell, Henry Winkler, Tatiana Maslany and Heidi Klum have all made their way to the far out town in Southern Indiana.

A new report from Entertainment Weekly sees that trend continuing after the Olympics. According to the report, Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy will head to Pawnee for an episode that is set to air “early spring.” Showrunner Michael Schur told EW that Tweedy will play the lead singer of a band named Land Ho!, that was once popular in Indiana. Andy and Leslie will spend the half-hour trying to convince Tweedy to reunite the band for a concert celebrating the merger of Pawnee and Eagleton.

The news is the latest in a year full of leaks. Earlier in 2014, we learned that Parks and Rec will see a Jerry/Ben bromance and that John Hodgman will guest as rival public-radio host to Dan Castellanetta’s Derry Murbles.

The Olympics are great, with all their flipping and sliding, but this news from Pawnee does beg the question:

Are the Olympics done yet?