Jerry/Ben Bromance Episode Coming to Parks and Rec

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With Chris and Ann departing Pawnee, the Parks and Recreation writing staff is wasting no time to fill the massive hole in our hearts. Luckily for us, the staff has a special episode in the pipeline featuring everyone’s favorite office punching bag.

Larry Gengurch. Or Jerry Gergich. Or Garry Gergich? Jeremy No one cares.

Jim O’Heir, the man behind the mystery joined Entertainment Weekly’s TV Editors Hour on Sirius XM and teased that a bromance between Jerry and Ben is on the way, plus something “shocking” that will be revealed before the end of the season. O’Heir also noted that, as has been heavily hinted in recent weeks, job opportunities for Leslie could arise that would take her away from her beloved hometown.

“We of course don’t want her to go, but in many ways, she kind of needs to leave because she’s amazing at what she does, and Pawnee has been rotten to her,” he told EW.

Despite being maligned by his fellow co-workers, Jerry has proven a fan and writers favorite, especially in the past few seasons. The forthcoming episode marks the third time in the last three seasons that the show has focused on the character. Other Jerry-centric half-hours include last years’ “Jerry’s Retirement” and season four’s “Sweet Sixteen.”

Now if only we could get an episode centered on our favorite live-tweeting mega-diva. Hey writers! Do yourself a favor, treat yo self!

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