Kristen Wiig Crashes The Tonight Show as One Direction's Harry Styles

Comedy Video Kristen Wiig
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Like many former SNL cast members, comedian Kristen Wiig has a number of killer impressions in her repertoire. Unfortunately for her, not a single one them is Harry Styles, the British boy band star she portrayed last night on the new Tonight Show. In a hilariously awkward interview with Jimmy Fallon, Wiig nailed the pop singer’s general look, but struggled with more advanced impersonation techniques, like naming his country of origin or doing any sort of accent at all.

This isn’t the first time Wiig has showed up to a talk show in celebrity drag, having previously appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as an even less convincing Michael Jordan. Of course, as good as that interview was, it didn’t end in a beautifully artless One Direction duet, making it significantly less sensual than last night’s performance. Check it out above, and see why Wiig won’t be forging Styles’ checks anytime soon.