Microsoft Planning Office for iPad for Mid-2014 Release

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Microsoft Planning Office for iPad for Mid-2014 Release

Microsoft  Office for iPad is coming and much sooner than we thought, if sources are to be believed, with a July release date alleged to be penned in.

According to reports on ZDNet, the project code named “Miramar” is still very much under works despite previous claims to its release being held off until Q3 or even being dead.

The website alleges that Steve Ballmer, in his final days as CEO, had a change of heart on Office on iPad and getting it out on the market as soon as possible, even before the release of touch-first Windows 8 versions, which is code named “Gemini”.

Microsoft Office Mobile for iPhone was released last summer and the tablet version for iPad was expected as a swift follow-up—but this hasn’t been the case. The iPhone version of Microsoft Office was also limited in its editing functions, a change that needed to be addressed for future mobile versions of Office. It is currently unclear what the features of this iPad version will be.

The iPad version may require an Office 365 subscription, much like its iPhone counterpart. The sales of iPads have been rather healthy, especially in 2013, and this may be Microsoft attempting to get on the platform with the Office suite but maintain some control through subscriptions to the service.

Rumors also speculate that files will be saved directly onto Microsoft’s OneDrive (the former SkyDrive) or business focused editions like OneDrive for Business.