NBC's Heroes to Return in 2015

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NBC's <i>Heroes</i> to Return in 2015

Last summer, NBC revealed that the television show 24 would make its comeback on May 5, 2014. This weekend, NBC released a short clip showing that Heroes will be be revived in 2015 with a new name, Heroes: Reborn.

The original series created different stories that would connect unrelated people with super powers together to save the world. The show started in 2006 with a strong first season that brought in over 14 million views, but felt a decrease in viewers over the years and eventually ended in February 2010. The finale left fans of the superhero series disappointed and wondering what would happen next. “The enormous impact Heroes had on the television landscape when it first launch in 2006 was eye-opening,” said Jennifer Salke, the NBC Entertainment president. “Shows with that kind of resonance don’t come around often and we thought it was time for another installment.”

NBC has scheduled Heroes: Reborn for a 13-episode mini series to air in 2015. The storylines and cast for the restoration of the superhero drama will be announced in a digital series before the miniseries starts next year.