New Guided By Voices Video Features Rob Corddry, Badger from Breaking Bad

Comedy Video Guided By Voices
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Planet Score from Guided By Voices

If you love music, comedy and basketball, this is two minutes of pure joy. The new Guided By Voices video for “Planet Score,” the first single from their upcoming album Motivational Jumpsuit, stars Matt L. Jones (better known as Badger from Breaking Bad) as a dude just trying to mind his own business and shoot some hoops on the playground.

Before long, though, a heckler with popcorn and soda (Nate Corddry) settles in to make life hell, screaming abuse as Jones misses shot after shot. Then he gets terrorized by a hot dog, and then Rob Corddry saves the day in a classic turn as an over-the-top, clipboard-toting coach, and basically you should just watch above.

The awkward exit is the perfect button, but I think what impresses me most is how funny this is for a video that probably took six minutes to shoot.