New York City Dominates The World Of Fashion

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New York City Dominates The World Of Fashion

While New Yorkers shiver through winter storm Pax, their hearts should be warmed with the joy of knowing they can strut proudly under their layers because New York City has been recognized as the No. 1 Fashion Capital of the World.

The title has been awarded to the Big Apple by researchers at The Global Language Monitor, an Austin, Texas based company that studies nearly all the public and social media exchanged by the entire human population. Their website boasts “We Tell the World What the Web is Thinking.”

GLM Fashion Director Bekka Payack had this compliment for the five boroughs; “New York City has, indeed, earned its Top Global Fashion Capital ranking through its disciplined, methodical yet creative approach to its fashion industry.” These are bragging rights people in the business take very seriously.

Days after the announcement, two British journalists fired off a spiked-heel stab at New York’s merits. Writing for UK paper The Telegraph Lisa Armstrong and Luke Leitch pull few punches in their dressing-down of New York Fashion Week. “There’s so much unedited flotsam on the New York catwalks that anything interesting is constantly under threat of being submerged…at Rag and Bone, DKNY and Diane von Furstenberg— the moment when protocol decrees the crowd can applaud—it was tumbleweed.”

They’re also upset about the politics of international Fashion Week scheduling. “You might reasonably point out that its inclement polar blasts are not this Fashion Week’s fault. Ah, but they are. It was New York’s designers who first began jiggering around with the fashion week schedules. They wanted to go first, before Milan, Paris and London, because they were tired of everyone saying they copied the Europeans.”

London wore the No. 1 badge in both 2011 and 2012 but had to settle for No. 3 this year. No. 2 was claimed by Paris, who fell behind New York by only 0.05 percent, the smallest margin of defeat in all ten years the list has been compiled. A major shaker was Los Angeles, who leaped five places up from last year to take the No. 4 slot. Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Sydney, Antwerp and Shanghai rounded out the top 10.

via Vogue UK