Nintendo to Terminate Online Services for Wii and DS Games

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Nintendo to Terminate Online Services for Wii and DS Games

Nintendo recently announced the end of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to play online games on the Wii and DS. This means that any single or multiplayer games that require a Wi-Fi connection from Nintendo on a Wii, DS or DSi will lose its online features. This termination will affect users in the U.S. and worldwide on May 20.

Luckily, gamers will still be able to connect to the Internet on the DS for the DSi Shop and web browsers, while Wii users can still use Netflix, Hulu, Wii Shop Channel, Internet Channel, Pay & Play and YouTube. Any games released for the 3DS 3DS or Wii U will be unaffected, but online features will also be discontinued for Wii software games played in Wii Mode on Wii U.

Dozens of Wii and DS games will be affected by the disconnection of the Nintendo Network, including 20 Wii games and 40 DS games published by Nintendo itself. So if you’re looking to take on your cross-country friends in Mario Kart Wii or Super Smash Bros. Brawl one last time, make your plans soon—no games will be playable on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection after May 20.