Obama Tweets for 'No Spoilers' from House of Cards Season Two Release

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Obama Tweets for 'No Spoilers' from <i>House of Cards</i> Season Two Release

House of Cards fans are going to great lengths in a plea to prevent spoilers from the new season’s 13-episode release today on Netflix.

The @HouseofCards Twitter feed is overflowing with retweets of fans and celebrities begging others to keep the season’s secrets to themselves, including President Barack Obama’s latest executive order: “No spoilers, please.”

According to the Associated Press, cast members celebrated Obama’s support for the show at a premiere event Thursday night. Robin Wright, who plays Claire Underwood, said Obama “knows good stuff.”

And Kate Mara, who plays reporter Zoe Barnes, called his tweet “one of the coolest things that’s happened to me.”

In an brilliant effort to minimize spoiler tweets, Netflix released a House of Cards version of the app Spoiler Foiler, which allows fans to log into their Twitter account and read their newsfeed without fear. Any tweets with danger words are blacked out.

So, as the President ordered, be considerate while binge-watching House of Cards tonight.