Octodad's PS4 Release Expected in April

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<i>Octodad</i>'s PS4 Release Expected in April

Young Horses released its much anticipated Octodad: Dadliest Catch in late January, with the promise that the console version wasn’t far behind. At the time, the studio behind everyone’s favorite cephalopod pretending to be an average suburban dad, said the PS4 release would likely come in March.

Today, Young Horses took to its Twitter account with more detail about the forthcoming console release.

In response to the slew of questions that came due to the announcement, Young Horses also noted that it had previously had only one programmer working on the PS4 version, but the company now has two. When asked further about the possibility of Octodad on Xbox One, Young Horses said it is not currently working on an Xbox version of the game, but is interested in the possibility.

Though the PS4 release never had a definitive date, the reasoning behind pushing back the timeframe from March to April is pretty simple.

“It got pushed to April because we want to make sure it runs the best it can and is stable,” the developer said. “We don’t want to release it broken.”

The company also noted that the PS4 will be getting an addition not possible on the PC version: motion controls.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is currently available for PC, Mac and Linux. You can read Paste’s review here.