Prince Makes Cameo on Post-Super Bowl Episode of New Girl, Teases New Song

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Prince Makes Cameo on Post-Super Bowl Episode of <i>New Girl</i>, Teases New Song

Prince graced the realm of TV comedy for the first time ever last night, making a noteworthy guest appearance on the Fox sitcom New Girl following the Super Bowl. The artist had asked to perform on the show last year after asserting he was in fact a huge fan. Without spoiling anything, the Purple One acted as love guru for Jess (Zooey Deschanel), spouting sage advice over an evening of pancakes, ping pong and, well, purple.

The artist also used the cameo as an opportunity to tease a new song apparently titled “Don’t You Wanna Fall in Love Tonight?”, presumably from his forthcoming album Plectrum Electrum. Prince also teased “PRETZELBODYLOGIC” last week.

Hulu  subscribers can catch the full episode here.