Pylon Makes WiFi Passwords a Thing of the Past

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Wi-Fi passwords are annoying to remember. Sure, you could create a password that’s short and easy to recall but that’s hardly the point of security. The best kind is a complicated mixture of numbers and letters, ensuring that no one can guess it and you have almost no chance of remembering it either. This is far from convenient when a friend comes to visit and asks if they could log onto your Wi-Fi to share some photos with you.

Enter Pylon, a clever device that enables guests to simply hold their device up to it and instantly connect to your Wi-Fi network, without having to worry about entering a password. Conducted via NFC (Near Field Communication) on Android devices or by bumping your iDevice to the Pylon, it’s simple and stress free.

If it sounds a little too open, don’t worry—the device allows you to set just how long guests are able to use your network, with a default setting of 30 minutes. It’s also possible to restrict what they can access on your network, making it ideal for party occasions. Want to share pictures or music to show everyone else? It’s easily done through Pylon, ensuring that you’re not stuck being the only person able to switch out the playlists.

Currently available via a Kickstarter campaign, it’s possible to pledge $85 to receive a Pylon, along with a base station, meaning you’re ready to go. Business packages are also available, with the potential being quite significant for those running a small business and wanting to share content with visitors to your establishment.

Be quick though! Pylon has less than two weeks left to run and still has a fair way to go in order to hit its goal in time.

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