Videogame Composer Comments on Fraud Uproar, Insists He Was Deaf

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Videogame Composer Comments on Fraud Uproar, Insists He Was Deaf

Earlier this month, accusations came down on Japanese composer Mamoru Samuragochi, known mostly for his work with Capcom on games like Resident Evil and Onimusha, claiming he was not truthful about a hearing disability.

Throughout his career, Samuragochi was thought to be deaf, but according to Tagashi Niigaki, a ghostwriter who was recently revealed as the true author of many of Samuragochi’s most famous pieces, this is not the case. “I’ve never felt he was deaf ever since we met,” Niigaki said. “At first he acted to me also as if he had suffered hearing loss, but he stopped doing so eventually. He told me, after the music for the video games was unveiled, that he would continue to play the role (of a deaf person).”

Samuragochi has responded to the allegations with a statement that reveals he is, in fact, not hearing disabled. Though he still claims that he was deaf for the majority of his career, the composer admits that he gained the ability to hear “words if people speak clearly and slowly into my ears,” about three years ago.

“I feel deeply ashamed of myself for living a false life,” Samuragochi wrote in a statement. “I also apologise to Mr. Niigaki, whose life went wrong because of complying with my demands for 18 years.”